Our Story



"Don’t take us for it, hear it from our WINGS Women"

“I was recovering from an injury when I joined a Pilates class at WINGS in 2009 where I met amazing friends. My interest made me take up a Pilates instructor course as an ideal way to rejoin the workforce after retiring from the IT profession for about 20 years. I needed to have a track record in Pilates training. This is where the friends I made in WINGS rallied around me. They all willingly took my classes to get me through the process of being certified. The moment I was certified, WINGS offered me the golden opportunity to be their trainer. I cannot tell you how grateful and amazed I am to be supported by the friends I made in WINGS! WINGS has empowered and supported me in my transition back into the workforce and another phase of my life most smoothly….”

Jane Koh, 54, Stott Pilates Certified Instructor in Matwork

“A homemaker, I wanted to pick up something that will benefit my family and myself. I signed up for WINGS HealthAct. With trainer Nabisah, I learned something new each time such as reading food labels, appropriate food portion, and effective exercise. Empowered with the new knowledge, I lost 10kgs! I will recommend this well-designed and informative course to all my friends.”

Celine Lee, in her early 40s, Homemaker and HealthAct Mentee’ Mentee

“I retired at 54 to look for an opportunity to give back to society. I volunteered at a few organisations before anchoring myself at WINGS. WINGS’ mandate of helping older women resonates with me. When I participated in their MoneyAct on financial management, how I wish I had gained this knowledge earlier. At 20, my dad had a stroke and lost his job. The sole responsibility of caring for my family fell on my lap. The ability to manage finance well would have saved me so many heartaches. I am now a proud mentor facilitating Money WAGS at WINGS.”

Jeannie Loh, 63, Retiree and WINGS’ MoneyAct Mentor (Mandarin session) in July 2013